Tucker “Trainer Tuck” Loken helped me get ready for my first two bikini shows,I knew very little about lifting or how to eat correctly when we started. I had played sports in high school, but proper nutrition and focused lifting was not stressed. He taught me from the ground up and made it a really fun experience. While other competitors were doing several hours of cardio a day to get ready, I was only in the gym for 6 hours a week total including lifting and cardio. He really knows how to listen to the body and he got my diet so dialed in, that I didn’t need all the extra exercise to get lean. His plans are incredibly efficient.

I struggled during my second competition prep, because my mind wasn’t focused and I wasn’t putting my all into the workouts. I was self-sabotaging and in a way, I felt guilty for wanting to look good and perform well. He invested a lot of time talking with me about what the root of the problem was. I loved his approach because he wasn’t afraid to try some unconventional tactics with me. He told me to sit quietly, meditate, and listen to my own thought processes. This helped me calm down, focus on my goal, and center myself. We discussed what was standing in my way, and he helped me visualize and give myself confidence to achieve what I wanted to. By the end, I really felt like it was okay to succeed and look the way I wanted to. Three years later, this experience has still made a lasting impact on me, both through the prep period, and beyond to feel comfortable in my own skin. My prep got right back on track better than I ever could Imagine, and I ended up winning my height class that show! Since then, I’ve done more meditation on my own when my stress level are high or I doubt myself and I have seen a lasting benefit from all of it!

Keep up the great work!!


Working with Tucker was an awesome experience. He really gave me that little push I needed to start training for my first bikini show and helped me throughout the entire process. It was different from the regular prep you would expect, because he put health first and didn’t deplete me even with my ninja metabolism. He always made sure I was fed well and never over trained.  Tucker is an amazing trainer and really helps you with your individuals needs. I was really impressed with him, especially when he would go out of his way to research different things that could help me not only with my training but also my Lupus. Tucker really cares about people and I can honestly say that not only did I gain a great trainer but also a great friend!!!


FIRSTOFF, I want to say there is nothing wrong with me in the pictures on the left. Every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin at all times, and not everyone has the same goals. however…. 1) THIS is why the scale should be used as a reference point only! I weigh 4-6 lbs more now compared to the pictures on the left. 2) THIS is why finding the right trainer and trusting the process is so important! I can’t say enough good things about Tucker – he’s made this prep so much more enjoyable than I always thought prep would be, and clearly he knows what he is doing. First change he made when we started training together? He cut my cardio back by about 75%. Yep. Science. Did I freak out at first when the number on the scale went up? YOU BET I DID. But the results speak for themselves.


When I first started working with Tucker I was very skeptical of his approach. He didn’t have me follow the typical “powerlifting template” with regards to nutrition and programming. We started out by cleaning up my diet (something most powerlifters are very reluctant to do) and then he had me follow a more “power building” style training program. As I said before I was very skeptical, however, I stayed the course and was hitting substantial PR’s within weeks. After that I was sold, and within 16 weeks I competed and added over 100lbs to my total.

Tucker was very willing to work closely with me to come up with a unique diet and workout plan that allowed me to maximize my progress while still having the time/energy to be a full time college student and also work in construction. His weekly check-ins made sure that my progress was consistent and that I was never under-recovered. In addition, his involvement with 1020life insured that I was receiving the most up-to-date methods available.

Needless to say, I would highly recommend Tucker to anybody looking for a solid roadmap towards achieving their goals. He is the real deal!


I held off competing in a bodybuilding show for the longest time because, quite frankly, I thought it was going to be too hard.

I heard horror stories of competitors dropping their calories super low and doing cardio multiple times every day to get into contest shape.

Still, I decided I was up for the challenge. As someone who coaches others on transforming their bodies for a living, I wanted to prove I was capable of achieving an elite physique.

At first, I decided to write my own training and diet programs because “I’m a personal trainer – I know what I’m doing!”

But after several months of doing it on my own, I noticed my body wasn’t changing.

I had known Tucker for a while, and before I decided to talk to him about coaching me, I did my research and found he had solid testimonials.

So about five months out from my show, I hired him.

When I sent Tucker my first progress photo, I couldn’t believe how bad I looked and realized how much I needed help. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to coach others than it is to coach yourself!

It became apparent really quickly I was focusing on many of the wrong things with my diet, and he helped me straighten things out.

Sure, the prep wasn’t easy, but I never had to do more than a few 30-minute cardio sessions per week or cut my calories below 2,000!

Even though I’ve always focused on getting the scale weight up, I realized bigger isn’t always better.

I lost 24 pounds in exactly five months, but I’m leaner and have better muscular definition than I’ve ever had in my life.

If you put in the work, these are the type of results you can expect from an experienced coach like Tucker.

I highly recommend Tucker whether you’re trying to step on stage for a show or just trying to look good in a swimsuit!

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