I offer 3 month, 6 month and 1 year options for off season/contest prep bodybuilding coaching as well as off season/meet prep powerlifting coaching.

Customized Plans:

For me to create the best program possible I will need to know as much about you as I can.  I will need a sample of your current diet, supplement regimen and training program. If you have them, I also like to see previous plans for off season bodybuilding or contest prep and off season powerlifting or meet prep so I know what you have been doing.

Weekly check-ins:
You can email me with questions whenever you want, but the weekly check-ins are required for us to stay consistent.
Weight: Weigh in first thing in the morning and send me your weight from last week and the current week so that I can see change.
Pictures: Front, back and side pictures taken in the same place and same lighting. Put pictures from last week the current week next to each other with a before and after App. Wear whatever you are comfortable in as long as I can see your limbs and mid-section. Sports bra and shorts or swimsuit is fine for women, shorts or posing trunks are fine for men.
Synopsis: An update of how the week went regarding strength, energy levels, hunger, and anything else important – the more the better.

Example of a check-in

Weight: 233.5 last week, 232 this week

The grind is real today, didn’t have an hour to myself from 8am to 12am.

Weight is starting to drop again, diet was tight last week, not difficult at all really but once Saturday rolled around after taking photos I went off course for the evening and I’m still feeling it now. Ever since jumping on your meal plan and eating more consistently I’m finding myself really aware of water retention and abdominal bloat and such. Vascularity in the chest/shoulders/arms increased a lot recently and I’ve had some very dry-looking days.

Performance in the gym is fine. Benched today, worked up to 370 on flat bench and felt popping in my right pec that reminded me of when I strained my pec, so I took it light on my assistance work after that.