My philosophy is simple:

Create a baseline

Eliminate variables

Keep the competitor healthy

Listen to the body

The best trait of a good coach is the ability to listen. You will find coaches who have all had success doing things completely opposite of one another. Some like low fat/high carb diets, some like low carb/high fat, some like frequent training and minimal rest, some put a higher priority on recovery; the list of differences is endless.

Everyone has a style they are most comfortable with, but not every client’s body will always agree immediately. This is not a cause for alarm, but the goal is not to force the body into a situation it does not want, the goal is to let the body dictate what will work best for each person.

Too often in the fitness industry we think we are in a battle with our bodies. You should not be in competition with your body, you should be your body’s guide, leading it to new levels of strength, condition, health and fitness.

Everyone’s body is different and the best thing I offer my clients is my ability to take feedback, listen, and curtail a plan that works for them, not just what I think should work. No coach should be coaching people the exact same way they coach themselves.

Winning and making progress is always priority number one, but that cannot be achieved without the competitor staying healthy and fresh so that they can make the most out of every session. These principals are universal, and that is why time and time again, people see continual progress by doing what works best for them individually. That is what I am here to do, facilitate and guide your body to find what works best for YOU.